Integrated Pest Management Program

The Integrated Pest Management Program is a healthy approach to keeping pest populations, including weeds, insects, and diseases under control. Through this program, the City consolidates and coordinates all necessary pest management techniques effectively, economically, and using environmentally sound methods. 

Required by British Columbia's Integrated Pest Management Act, the program is designed to direct maintenance and operation activities for all vegetation management programs that the City may provide. Noxious and invasive weed management is required to ensure good land management, to maintain unrestricted access for emergency response or maintenance activities, to minimize fire hazards, and to reduce the likelihood of unwanted weeds migrating to adjacent property.

The program provides detailed information regarding our overall approach for controlling unwanted vegetation. Where possible, attempts are made to utilize mechanical weed control; however, effective vegetation control often requires the use of herbicides. 

Seasonal Herbicide Applications

During the spring and summer months, the City utilizes herbicide applications on municipal properties to control and manage weeds and invasive plants. Combined with other methods of control, such as mowing, herbicide applications help manage the growth of invasive plants and weeds in utility right of ways, roadways, parks and other municipal properties.

Herbicide applications typically take place between mid-May and the end of August. Signage will be placed at specific locations indicating herbicide application use and additional information. For more information, please contact the Parks Manager.