100 Street Corridor

Project Background

Beneath 100 Street, the 80-year-old water, sanitary, and storm sewer pipes need replacement. On the surface, the entire roadway and sidewalks will be reconstructed to reflect a high-quality urban design to match the vision created during the 100 Street Corridor Plan Design Charrette that took place in 2019.

You will see features such as:

  • Wider sidewalks to accommodate pedestrians and winter snow management
  • Boulevard trees with an automated irrigation system
  • New benches and furnishings
  • Decorative lighting which improves visibility, but also helps create a safer street
  • Left-hand turn lanes to make vehicle movements easier
  • Dedicated space for roadway snow storage


This project is primarily funded through the Peace River Agreement with additional funds coming from water and sewer reserves. 

Project Phasing


The 100 Street Corridor improvements run along 100 street from 96 Avenue to 105 Avenue and are planned to be phased over four construction years:

  • 2020 | Phase 1 - 100 Street and 96 Avenue intersection upgrades and off-street improvements to support future phases
  • 2021 | Phase 2 - 96 Avenue to 99 Avenue
  • 2022 | Phase 3 - 99 Avenue to 101 Avenue
  • 2023 | Phase 4 - 101 Avenue to 105 Avenue