Animal Control

The City of Fort St John Bylaw Enforcement Department promotes the health and safety of people, pets and animals living together in the city by offering services in:

  • Picking up stray dogs that are lost, returning them to their owners or dropping them at the North Peace SPCA so they can care for them at the shelter while searching for the owner
  • Providing emergency response to calls for stray domestic animals requiring immediate medical assistance
  • Responding to public safety concerns involving an animal or animals endangering the safety of the public
  • Providing the removal of deceased animals on public roadways
  • Pro-actively patrolling the city for any animal related violations
  • Provide licensing information and dog tags through various locations
  • Promoting education and responsible pet ownership through the enforcement of City of Fort St. John Animal bylaws and other related laws

Report a Concern

Report an animal at large, barking dog, aggressive dog, a dog bite, or a lost dog:

City of Fort St. John Bylaw Enforcement
10631 100 Street, Fort St. John, BC
250-787-8150 or dial 3-1-1
Email Bylaw Enforcement

Report an incident of animal cruelty or an issue involving any other domestic animal:

North Peace SPCA
9311 - 81 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC
1-855-622-7722 (SPCA Animal Cruelty Reporting Hotline)
(this line is monitored 7 days a week) 

Report wildlife poaching:

BC R.A.P.P. (BC Report a Poacher or Polluter)

Dog Licensing

If your dog gets lost, a licence is your dog’s ticket home. Bylaw Enforcement Officers and SPCA staff can quickly identify your dog and return him/her to you. All dogs over the age of three (3) months living in the City of Fort St. John are required to have and wear a current dog tag. We encourage dog owners living out of town that frequently bring their dogs into Fort St. John, to purchase one as well. Dog licenses can be purchased at City Hall or the North Peace SPCA.

License Fees:

  • $15 spayed/neutered dog*
  • $30 un-spayed/un-neutered dog
  • $5 senior citizen (human, not dog)
  • $5 replacement tag

*Please show proof of spay/neuter at time of purchase

Leashing and running-at-large

  • Dogs must not be allowed to run at large
  • Dogs must be leashed when in public (except for designated off-leash areas)
  • School grounds are off-limits for dogs

Nuisance dogs

  • Keep your dog from being a nuisance (barking, chasing people/bikes/cars/other animals)

Pick up after your dog

  • Pick up and dispose of dog waste from any public or private property

Number of dogs

  • You are allowed to have a maximum of three (3) dogs per household

Responsible guardianship

  • Do not let your dog bite
  • Owners must provide food and water, and a clean, sanitary shelter for their dog
  • Ensure your dog does not cause damage to property or other animals

Aggressive and biting dogs

  • An Aggressive Dog is defined under Section 49 of the Community Charter as having displayed behaviour such as aggressively pursuing growling, snarling or lunging, or potential to injure a person or animal
  • A Biting Dog has bitten a person or another animal
  • These terms allow Bylaw Enforcement Officers to respond appropriately to individual situations