Garbage & Recycling

Each residential home in Fort St. John is supplied with one grey garbage cart, collected weekly, and one blue recycle cart, collected bi-weekly.

Each cart is assigned to the residence with a serial number and must not be removed from that residence.

Waste Wise

Enter your address below to get your pick-up schedule.

You can also sign up for reminders, print your calendar or even import your schedule into your online calendar. Never miss a collection day again!

Collection Tips

PARK IT: Put your cart out by 8 am on your driveway or lawn for pick up. Do not park it on the street or sidewalk.
POINT IT: Place your cart so the arrow on the lid points toward the street.
SPACE IT: Make sure there is at least 1 meter (3 feet) of space on all sides of your cart (for example, don't park it right beside your neighbour's cart or a parked car).
REMOVE IT: Carts must be removed from the curb at the end of the day on the day of collection.
FILL IT: Overfilled carts with the lid open will not be picked up.

Missed Collection

If your garbage or recycling was not picked up on your collection day, please contact our contractor GFL Environmental Inc. at 250-787-5088  to inform them before the week is over and they may be able to come back and pick it up.  You can also use the Report a Problem tool or the Waste Wise app to inform us.


Recycling pick-up occurs bi-weekly.

  • To know what items are accepted in the blue cart refer to the sticker on the lid, search for items using the Waste Wizard above, or refer to the What Goes Where Brochure [PDF - 233 KB].
  • Do not bag your recycling.  Place items in loosely and they will be sorted at the recycling facility.
  • Rinse and flatten items before placing them in the blue cart.
  • Drop off items that cannot go in the blue cart at other local recycling facilities. The Waste Wizard will tell you where to take them.