Public Works

Have a specific issue to report? Use our Report a Problem Form or call 250-787-8150 or 3-1-1.

Name Title Phone Contact
Garbage and Recycling Inquiries 250-787-8173 Email
Road Inquiries 250-787-8173 Email
Water and Sewer Inquiries 250-787-8173 Email
Water Meter Techs 250-787-8013 Email
Water Treatment Plant 250-787-2745 Email
Utilities Billing 250-787-8150 Email
Austin Babiy Utilities Superintendent 250-787-8175 Email
Darrel Chorney Roads Superintendent 250-787-8186 Email
Jeremy Garner Director of Public Works and Utilities 250-787-8174 Email
Victor Shopland General Manager of Integrated Services 250-787-8162 Email