Grants & Funding

Guided by the Community Grants Council Policy [PDF - 239 KB], the City of Fort St. John offers various grants and funding opportunities for eligible organizations and non-profits to implement projects and programs that support our community.

Current Grant Programs

Building Safer Communities - Recreation, Arts & Culture Access Grant

The Recreation, Arts and Culture Access Grant will facilitate access to recreation programs for at-risk youth with the intention that funded activities support pro-social activities and peer interactions.

Business Facade Improvement Grant

Funded through the Northern Development Initiative Trust, this program will run through the City of Fort St. John with support from the Mayor's Standing Committee on Community Economic Development to assist local businesses with renovating, signage, and improving aesthetics of commercial and building areas.

Conference or Event Sponsorship Grant

Through the Conference or Event Sponsorship Grant, the City of Fort St. John aims to support conferences or events held by community groups or organizations in Fort St. John with financial assistance of up to $3,000.

Fee for Service Grant

The City of Fort St. John provides fee-for-service grant funding under an agreement to assist local non-profit organizations with delivering services to the community that the City would otherwise deliver as a municipal service.

North Peace Community Foundation - Grants-in-Aid

The City of Fort St. John funds a Grants-in-Aid program, administered by the NPCF, to balance the social benefits that non-profit organizations add to the quality of life in the community with the acknowledgment that all property owners must contribute towards services the City provides. Grants-in-Aid are also awarded annually to specific organizations to fund events and programs that provide support and cultural significance to residents.