Garbage & Recycling FAQ

How do I find out when my collection day is?

  • Download the Waste Wise App for your smartphone from the Apple or Google Play Store.  This will give you a weekly notification of your collection day and what they will be collecting.
  • Visit My Schedule on the Garbage & Recycling Page and type in your address to find out your collection day.
  • View the Garbage Collection Map [PDF - 442 KB] which shows the garbage days for each area of the City.

Why wasn’t my garbage or recycling picked up?

If your garbage/recycling was not collected it could be because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • It was not placed on the curb before 8 am.
  • The lid may not have been completely shut.
  • The cart was placed too close to something which did not allow enough room for the arm of the garbage truck to grab your cart.
  • Someone parked on the street too close to your cart.
  • The wheel is broken on your cart.

What do I do if my garbage or recycling wasn’t picked up?

If your garbage or recycling was not picked up on your collection day, please contact our contractor GFL Environmental Inc. at 250-787-5088  to inform them before the week is over and they may be able to come back and pick it up.  You can also use the Report a Problem tool or the Waste Wise app to inform us.

Can I buy an extra garbage or recycling cart?

Technically you are only renting the cart not buying it. You may request an additional cart at City Hall’s Finance Department. After the fee of $30 is paid at City Hall, you will need to bring the receipt to Public Works and pick up the cart. The charge for additional pick-up service is $5 per month for garbage carts and $8 per month for recycling carts, which is added to your utility bill. Carts are attached to a residence using a serial number and must remain at that residence. Please complete this form if you would like to request or return additional carts.

What happens if my collection cart is lost or stolen or damaged?

If your cart was lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair through misuse or neglect, it will need to be replaced at the property owner’s expense. Please complete this form if you would like to request a replacement cart. Residents are responsible for routine maintenance including keeping the carts clean, removing carts from the curb after collection, and storing carts in a safe place.

What happens if the wheel on my cart gets damaged?

A broken wheel does not mean you need to purchase a new cart. You are able to pick up a free replacement wheel at Public Works during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Will my garbage or recycling get picked up on statutory holidays?

Garbage and recycling will be picked up on all holidays falling on a weekday with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Christmas Day and New Year’s Day collection will be picked up on the following day.  Please expect later than normal collection times during that week.

How big are the garbage and recycle carts?

Garbage carts are 250 litres and recycle carts are 360 litres.

If I have too much recycling can I put it in a bag beside my bin?

All recycling must be placed loosely inside the blue cart. Curbside garbage and recycling collections occur by a truck with an articulated arm that does not allow it to pick up individual bags. If you have more recycling than your cart can hold you can:

  • Take your recycling to the Resource Recovery Facility.
  • Obtain an additional recycle cart (if it is a recurring issue).
  • Consider using more reusable containers to reduce your recycling.

What can I recycle in my blue cart?

  • Refer to the sticker on your blue cart for guidance on which items can be recycled in the cart.
  • Check the “What Goes Where” brochure [PDF - 233 KB].
  • Use the "Waste Wizard" tool.
  • Download the Waste Wise App to look up where to recycle or dispose of items that are not accepted in the recycle cart.

Why can’t I put styrofoam, glass, or film plastics in my blue recycling cart?

Styrofoam and glass break into small pieces which makes it difficult and dangerous to sort. Film plastics, such as shopping bags and bread bags, can get wrapped up with other recyclables during collection and are then difficult to separate. Plastic bags collected with other materials also get caught up in the processing equipment. Both of these issues can make film plastics and other recyclables less acceptable to recycling processors and markets.