Consequences of Contamination

Why Contamination Matters

Sorting your recycling is just the beginning. When your cart leaves your home it’s taken to a sorting facility where the work continues. A contaminated cart can pose a number of concerns down the line.

Waste Worker Safety

Contamination in your curbside recycling carts can have serious consequences for waste worker safety. The wrong materials in the wrong bin can be hazardous, causing accidents that can harm workers, result in work stoppages, and even start fires. 

Quality of Materials

When contamination happens, it also compromises the quality of the recycling. That means it may not be recovered and turned into new materials. Learn more about what happens to your recycling after collection, and take a virtual facilities tour. 

The solution to contamination starts at home. When the right waste is placed in the right bin, we help keep our community safe and our province green. 

Unsure what goes where?

Download the Waste Wise app and check out our “What Goes Where?” brochure [PDF - 296 KB] for help. 

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