Strategic Plan

The 2018 - 2023 Strategic Plan contains five strategic goals that address our commitment to enhancing community development, demonstrating environmental responsibility, and supporting the current and future needs of our community. 

This Plan is the roadmap for the delivery of City services and programs and ensures we are deliberately moving forward. It provides the foundation for aligning the City's planning decisions and provides direction for budgets and work plans.

Vision, Mission, and Key Values


Fort St. John will be a flourishing community, where nature lives, businesses prosper, families are active and diversity is celebrated.


To facilitate a community that embraces opportunity, diversity, and sustainability. We do this through the development of innovative municipal services.

Key Values

Transparency - We are committed to share information with citizens
Responsiveness - We are committed to listen to our citizens and work together
Innovation - We are committed to lead
Integrity - We are committed to high ethical and professional standards

Strategic Goals

Goal No. 1

Enhance community economic development to provide opportunities and sustainability for Fort St. John.

Goal No. 2

Demonstrate leadership in environmental responsibility through sustainable and effective practices for municipal operations.

Goal No. 3

Build and manage civic assets and human resources that support the current and future needs of the community.

Goal No. 4

Initiate and foster partnerships that will benefit Fort St. John. Advocate to decision makers on issues that impact the community to ensure our northern voice is heard.

Goal No. 5

Continue to invest in community social, cultural and recreational assets and programs to provide an inclusive, vibrant, livable Fort St. John.