The Community Charter requires local governments to approve a five-year Financial Plan bylaw each year before they adopt the annual property tax bylaw on May 15. We also often refer to the Financial Plan as the Budget.

Budget Process

July to October – Departmental Financial Plans

Each department creates budgets based on anticipated activities and 2018 – 2023 Strategic Plan priorities. They also account for expected expenses and estimated revenues.

October to December – Draft Financial Plan Preparation

Finance compiles all budgets to make a draft financial plan. We compare the draft to the 2018 – 2023 Strategic Plan to ensure consistency.

September to February – Public Budget Meetings

There are several public budget meetings that allow for public input and review.

February to May – Financial Plan and Bylaws Adopted

We revise the plan based on public input and Council priorities until we reach a final version. That final version allows us to develop the Financial Plan Bylaw. In the Bylaw, we set the property tax revenue we need. This, in turn, forms the basis for your tax rates. Council may amend the financial plan by bylaw at any time during the five-year period.

2019 Financial Plan

Meeting schedule

  • September 17 – Base Budget Grant Presentations
  • October 1 – Base Budget Grant Presentations
  • January 7 – Capital and Operating Budget Presentation
  • January 28 – Five-year Financial Plan Bylaw First Reading
  • February 11 – Five-year Financial Plan Bylaw Public Meeting
  • February TBA – Adoption of the 2019 Five-year Financial Plan
  • April/May TBA – Adoption of the Tax Rate Bylaw

2019 Budget presentations

Previous Financial Plans