100 Street Corridor Plan

The City of Fort St John is planning for the replacement of 100 Street. Recognizing a project of this magnitude only happens once in a century, the City first invested in a planning and public consultation process, which involved a 5-day charrette with a design team of urban designers, planners, civil and transportation engineers, and economic development specialists. Their role was to help the City determine the best design for all the different people who use 100 Street.

The Plan begins to fundamentally re-imagine 100 Street as a “place for people” by making room for public space. The Plan balances widening user needs with requirements for infrastructure upgrades, optimized parking and maintained traffic flow, recognizing its function as a key transportation corridor.

Project Vision

A street for everyone... in the heart of a thriving downtown.

Project Principles

  • Access for all ages and all abilities, on foot and on wheels
  • Comfortable, safe and enjoyable spaces for social connection
  • Adequate parking and access to support downtown businesses
  • Movement of goods, services and emergency vehicles
  • Flexibility of special events and seasonal celebrations
  • Enhanced community identity and civic pride
  • Design adapted to Fort St. John’s climate
  • Support for local businesses and downtown economic revitalization