Housing Strategy

In 2020, a Housing Study was developed as part of a Provincial initiative that will enable the City of Fort St. John to better understand and respond to our community’s current and future housing needs. The Housing Study has two parts, a Housing Needs Assessment Report [PDF - 1 MB] that looks to understand the current housing situation, which informed the second part, a Housing Strategy. As a community, access to a range of affordable housing and a diversity of housing types are essential to ensure that we all thrive.

The Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan is intended to be a community-supported and led plan with actions expected to be implemented through the collective efforts of multiple partners, including all levels of government and both the private and non-profit sectors. The Strategy aligns with the community’s aspirations for Fort St. John in 2030, as described in the Official Community Plan Vision:

“Fort St. John will be a flourishing community where nature lives, businesses prosper, families are active, and diversity is celebrated.”

Providing safe and adequate housing is not solely the responsibility of the City of Fort St. John or any single entity. Instead, it requires the collective efforts of a broad range of partners, including all levels of government, to come together to implement the recommended actions. All levels of government and non-profit and private organizations have various responsibilities related to housing in the community.