Community Research

In 2016, the City of Fort St. John partnered with the University of Northern British Columbia's Community Development Institute to develop The Forge, their first "in-community" office. 

The Community Development Institute works with the community to realize the potential of the people and the economy of Fort St. John. With experience and expertise in community and economic development, The Forge works in partnership with industry, local business, non-profit and community organizations, First Nations, and all levels of government to develop and implement strategies for economic diversification and community resilience.

The Forge conducts research, in collaboration with community partners, and facilitates informed decision-making that helps policy and decision-makers develop and implement plans and strategies for economic and community development. Through this work, numerous research documents have been developed.

Community Profile

The Community Profile highlights demographic and socio-economic trends to provide insights into the dynamics of the population and local economy. This profile will be used as a baseline and reference point for future planning initiatives.
Community Profile - Phase 1 - Winter 2018 [PDF - 3 MB]

Community Indicators Program

The development of the Community Indicator Program links the City's Vision, Principles, and Strategic Plan to the necessary framework to measure and track important social, economic, and environmental issues.
Community Indicators Program - Indicators [PDF - 3 MB]
Community Indicators Program - Report - Winter 2018 [PDF - 3 MB]

Your Voice: Community Survey

The Forge conducted a survey of over 1,000 residents during the fall of 2018. This community survey will form the basis of the development of a Social Policy Framework and guide future decision-making on community investments. Residents provided information on the following topics: economy, education, services, community engagement, environment, facilities and services, and community change.
Your Voice: Community Survey - Summary Report - Winter 2018 [PDF - 3 MB]
Your Voice: Community Survey - Survey Report - Winter 2018 [PDF - 3 MB]

Age-Friendly Assessment and Action Plan

This assessment looked at assets and barriers regarding the age-friendliness of Fort St. John.
Age-Friendly Assessment and Action Plan - Summary Report - Winter 2018 [PDF - 980 KB]
Age-Friendly Assessment and Action Plan - Survey Report - Winter 2018 [PDF - 3 MB]