Transportation Master Plan

Given the current growth of Fort St. John and its vision to be a community focused on nature, business, and families, the City of Fort St. John has identified the need to plan for the City’s long-term transportation needs.

The purpose of the Transportation Master Plan is to prepare a long-term plan to guide the development of transportation infrastructure to support other goals and objectives of the City, including the economic growth of the community. This plan will guide the development of all modes of transportation in a network that can effectively and efficiently serve a growing community over the next 20 years.

The Transportation Master Plan is used as a basis for adopting safe, innovative, sustainable approaches to all modes of transportation, as a guide to future development, as a basis for partnership discussions with other agencies, and as a basis for preparing long-term Capital Plans for funding and construction of the recommended improvements. 

Through this process, the City of Fort St. John’s transportation network will become a platform for building vibrant neighbourhoods, creating enjoyable streets and trails, and supporting economic development opportunities.