Downtown Action Plan

The downtown has always been the economic, social and cultural heart of Fort St. John and an important part of the community’s overall identity. While downtown has seen some decline in the past, it is now poised for revitalization. Driving this revitalization is the significant growth anticipated for the city, the number of development opportunities in the Downtown, Council’s prioritization of the Downtown for growth and investment, and, most importantly, the community’s genuine passion and commitment to improving its downtown. This Plan is designed to help facilitate the transformation of Downtown from mediocrity to the thriving heart of the city.

Council reinforced the importance of downtown through the adoption of the Official Community Plan (OCP) that positioned the Downtown as the centrepiece of the City’s overall growth management strategy. Acting on OCP priorities, Council initiated a comprehensive three-phase process for Downtown Planning premised on enhancing the Downtown as the social, economic and cultural heart of the community. Extensive public engagement identified a range of planning and design concepts for public and private realm development. This plan reflects the sense of urgency to embrace the considerable economic opportunities and growth prospects Fort St. John is experiencing, and to create a healthy and economically vibrant downtown as the cornerstone of a sustainable and livable community.