Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project about?
Beneath 100 Street, the 80-year-old water, sanitary, and storm sewer pipes need replacement. On the surface, the entire roadway and sidewalks will be reconstructed to reflect a high-quality urban design to match the vision created during the 100 Street Corridor Plan Design Charrette that took place in 2019.

How will the project be phased?
The project will start at the intersection of 96 Avenue and 100 Street (at the northwest corner of Centennial Park) and head north. The entire project is expected to be phased over several years, with the phases planned to be completed in three block segments.

  • Phase 1 (96 Avenue upgrades) was completed in 2020
  • Phase 2 (96 Avenue to 98 Avenue) was completed in 2021
  • Phase 3 (98 Avenue to 101 Avenue) was completed in 2022
  • Phase 4 (101 Avenue to 103 Avenue) was completed in 2023
  • Phase 5 (103 Avenue to 105 Avenue) is under construction in 2024

Will downtown businesses remain open?
All downtown businesses remain open throughout the project, and we encourage all residents and visitors to continue to visit downtown to support local vendors. 

Alternative vehicle and pedestrian access to businesses will be available through a  combination of detours, protected sidewalks and rear entrances. 

What disruptions are expected?
The roads will remain closed to vehicles for the majority of construction with signed detours in place. However, sidewalk access will remain open for as long as possible.  

Watch for pedestrian and vehicle detours around the construction site and obey re-routing signs and flaggers. All downtown businesses will remain accessible to pedestrians but may require alternative access points or temporary sidewalks.

Is the work on 100 Street going to increase my taxes?
No, the 100 Street Corridor improvements are a Capital Project and funding comes from the Peace River Agreement and water and sewer reserves, not property taxes.

How do I get project updates? 
Stay up to date with the project by following the City of Fort St. John's social media channels and visiting the Capital Projects webpage.