Property Tax Exemptions

Types of Exemptions

General statutory

General Statutory exemptions are mandatory and legislated in the Community Charter. Council does not have control over the types of exemptions within this category which includes: churches, land and improvements vested and held by the Provincial Government, hospitals and schools.


Permissive tax exemptions are those exemptions granted by Council in accordance with Section 224 of the Community Charter.

Please be advised that permissive tax exemptions are at Council's discretion.

Council adopted Permissive Property Tax Exemption Council Policy No. 21/14 [PDF - 467 KB] to provide guidelines for tax exemption applications. Applications are available at City Hall or available at the link above.

Applications must be submitted to the Legislative and Administrative Services Department on or before June 15 of each year for Council's consideration for the following year's property taxes

New tax exemptions are considered by Council after August of each year.