Changes to the Business Licence Bylaw

On December 13, 2021, Council adopted a New Business Licence Bylaw that will replace the existing Business Licence Bylaw on January 1, 2023. 

In an effort to help businesses with an easy transition to the new regulations, Council has also amended the existing Business Licence Bylaw to include pro-rated fee provisions to align all businesses on the same licencing term.

Key Changes Effective January 1, 2023

Licencing Term - The licencing term in the new bylaw has been adjusted to a January 1 - December 31 term to align all business licences on the same renewal schedule.

Renewal Process - All business licences that have not been renewed by January 31 of the renewal year will be terminated as of February 1 of the same year and require a new licence application.

Pro-Rated Fee - A pro-rated fee model with a quarterly percent reduction has been implemented to provide businesses that are approved at various points of the year the ability to align with the new licencing term.

New Fee - A new $25.00 fee will be added for business name changes and business licence reprints. Changes to ownership or changes to location will continue to require a new application be submitted along with payments.

Three-Tiered Fee Structure - Business licence fees have been reviewed and reorganized into a three-tiered structure according to licence types.

Home Occupations - The bylaw refers to the City's Zoning Bylaw for regulations regarding Home Occupations. A future amendment to the Zoning Bylaw will encompass the new Home Occupations section and will provide an enhanced level of regulation to ensure that residential neighbourhoods maintain their form and character.

Fines - There has been an increase in the value of fines charged to businesses that commit an offence outlined in the bylaw. All offences that receive a fine are given a reduced rate if there is early payment. Fines range from $100.00 to $400.00 depending on the offence.

Owner Consent - An ownership consent section has been added to the application form to ensure that if a home occupation is operating in a rental dwelling unit, that the owner of the unit is aware.

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