Business Licence Fees

How much does a business licence cost?

  • Regular Commercial Business Licence: $150.00
  • Inter-Community Business Licence (in addition to a Regular Commercial Business Licence): $130.00
  • Home Occupations Business Licence: $125.00
  • Mobile Vendor Business Licence: $125.00
  • Secondary Suite Business Licence: $75.00
  • Temporarty Business Licence (28 Days): $75.00
  • Business Name Change: $25.00

The licencing term in bylaw No. 2563, 2021 has been adjusted to a January 1 - December 31 term to align all business licences on the same renewal schedule.

How do I pay for my business licence?

  • Payment can be made in person (no cash) at :
    • Planning & Engineering
      The Beaton Building - First Floor                                                            
      10003 – 110 Avenue
      Fort St John, BC
      V1J 6M7

    • City Hall
      10631 – 100 Street
      Fort St. John, BC
      V1J 3Z5

We accept debit, credit card (subject to 3.5% processing fee), or cheque.

    1. If you do not have online banking, contact your bank to set it up.
    2. Add the City of Fort St. John as a payee, search the word 'Fort' in the payee field and look for "Fort St. John Acct. Receivables".
    3. Once you have located us in the list, add your account number, account number is your business licence customer ID.
      (for example, ABCDE001)

Will I be reimbursed for part of my licence fee if my business closes before the end of the year? 

Licence fees are non-refundable. 

What happens if my business changes or moves? 

Business licences are non-transferable. For information on moving or changes to your business licence please visit the Changes to your Business Licence page.