Business Licence Application Process

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the processes for business licences will be changing for the duration of the situation.

Business licences are required for all businesses operating within the City of Fort St. John. And, all Business licences are valid from January 1 - December 31 term to align all business licences on the same renewal schedule.

Step 1: Check with the City

Where are you planning on setting up your business? 

We recommend that you contact the Planning & Engineering Department prior to buying property or signing a lease to determine if your business is a permitted use in that location. The Planning & Engineering Department can also let you know about the parking requirements for your propsed business. 

Are you planning on doing any renovations? 

We recommend that you contact the Planning & Engineering Department prior to doing any modifications to your business, to determine if you require a building or plumbing permit.

Step 2: Apply for your licence

The City has several different types of business licences available, depending upon the type of business or your location. Learn about what type of licence you need to apply for here: Types of Business Licences. 

You can submit your completed business licence application form by:

  1. Submitting via email to
  2. Submitting directly to the Planning & Engineering Department
  3. Submitting  to City Hall
  4. Submitting through BCeID
  5. Submitting through BizPal

Step 3: Review of your application

The City will review your submitted application and may send your application to the following departments or agencies for review:

  • Planning & Engineering
  • Building
  • Fire Department
  • Northern Health Authority
  • Any other department or agency deemed necessary 

Step 4: Payment

Once your application has completed the review process and received the necessary approvals your licence may be issued. 

Find out how you can pay for your business licence here: Business Licence Fees.

Other requirements

Does your business need a sign? 

If you are planning on putting up a sign for your business you may need a sign permit. Information on the City’s Sign Bylaw and Sign Permit process can be found here.

Will you play music in your business or at your event?  

If you are planning on using music, live or recorded, in your business or for your event Federal Copyright laws require that you obtain a licence from SOCAN.