BC Business Registry

BC Business Registry is an online access provided by the British Columbia government who has partnered with federal and municipal governments such as the City of Fort St. John and other provincial agencies to cut red tape and make it easier to start a business in British Columbia. 

This service can be used by proprietorships, partnerships, coporations, and other organizations (e.g. co-operatives, incorporated societies, associations). 

Through BC Business Registry you can:

  • Register your sole proprietorship or general partnership with the B.C. Corporate Registry
  • Register for provincial sales tax (PST) with the Ministry of Provincial Revenue
  • Register for hotel room tax (HRT) with the Ministry of Provincial Revenue
  • Register with the Workers' Compensation Board of BC
  • Register with the Canada Revenue Agency for GST, payroll deductions, corporate income tax, and import/export accounts
  • Apply for one or more municipal business licenses with participating municipalities