Temporary Use Permits

Temporary Use Permits are identified under the BC Local Government Act to permit land uses for a maximum three (3) year period, which are not permitted by existing zoning. 

The City of Fort St. John Zoning Bylaw gives Council the authority to consider the issuance of Temporary Use Permits within all zones. 

When considering an application for a Temporary Use Permit, Council must consider the proposal against the following criteria: 

  1. Compatibility of the proposal with uses on adjacent properties, including future land uses permitted by this Bylaw and designated by the Official Community Plan. A Temporary Use Permit may only be issued if a condition or circumstance exists that warrants the proposed use for a short period of time but does not warrant a change of land use designation or zoning of the property. This may include economic development and testing the compatibility of a proposed use with established nearby uses;

  2. Impact of the proposed use on the natural environment and environmentally sensitive areas, and any proposed remedial measures to mitigate any damage to the natural environment or environmentally sensitive areas as a result of the Temporary Use;

  3. Compatibility of the operation, function, appearance and intensity of the proposed use with the surrounding area; 

  4. Inability to conduct the proposed use on land elsewhere in the community; and 

  5. The application must be referred to and approved by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure with respect to access to and effect on Provincial Highways.

For more information about Temporary Use Permits and to apply, download the Temporary Use Permit Application Package. [PDF - 1 MB]