Engineering Permits

Service Connection and/or Abandonment Application 

Service Connection and/or Abandonment Application [PDF - 93 KB] is required when a new water, sanitary or storm service is required or a water, sanitary or storm service needs to be abandoned. 

Work Notification/Lane Closure Request

work notification/lane closure application [PDF - 183 KB] is required prior to working within City lands. The application must be completed a minimum three days prior to any work starting. A Traffic/Pedestrian management plan must be submitted if works are taking place in a roadway, sidewalk or walking path. 

Driveway Curb Drop Application

Driveway curb drop application [PDF - 24 KB]  is required when the current City curb needs to be altered due to driveway expansion or location change. 

Culvert Installation

culvert installation application [PDF - 68 KB]  is required when an access is crossing over an existing ditch. This includes lane access over small ditches.  

Streetlight Installation

An Ornamental streetlight addition request to energize lights [PDF - 19 KB] are required when new development occurs and based on the road classifications.