Community Awards

The 2019 Community Awards Gala will be hosted in April 11, 2019 at the Lido.

The 2018 Community Awards Gala took place on Thursday April 19, 2018, at the Lido Theatre. Live entertainment was be provided by Adam Winn, and special guest speakers: Doug Petersen and the Crystal Cup Organizing Committee.

2019 Awards Nomination Package 

Here is the package to nominate an individual or group for the 2019 Community Awards Community Awards Nominations Form 2019.pdf [PDF - 983 KB] Nominations are due March 8 at 4pm.

2018 Nominees

Special thank you to all our community volunteers and champions!

Cultural Award

The Cultural Award recognizes an individual or a group for their volunteer efforts in historical, visual, performing, or literary arts. Individuals may demonstrate excellence in an artistic field, increase artistic and cultural opportunities within the community, or encourage local residents to reach and expand their potential through culture.

2018 Recipient - Catherine Ruddell
2018 Nominees: Sue Popesku, Bonnie Anderson, Joan Patterson, Catherine Ruddell, Irene Gut

Recreation Award

The Recreation Award recognizes an individual or a group for their volunteer efforts in the promotion, organization, support, and/or motivation of sports, recreation, and leisure pursuits including healthy and active living. Individuals may demonstrate excellence in an athletic discipline, increase sport and recreational opportunities within the community, encourage local residents to reach and expand their potential through recreation and wellness by promoting healthy lifestyles, personal well-being and health in Fort St. John.

2018 Recipient: Crystal Cup Planning Committee
2018 Nominees: Connor Bull, Shannon Garbe, Rebecca Pruden, Mike Hamre, Neil Evans, Crystal Cup, Paul van Nostrand, Justin Donally @ Five Star MMA, Chantelle Yates, FSJ Disc Golf Sports Club, Clint Warkentin, Marissa Jordan, Jenna Hildebrand, Gail Weber, North Peace Cricket Foundation, Paul Kalas, Lee Hartman, Broyden Bennett, Sterling Middleton, Darren Snider, Lori Coulter, Dan Turner, Annika Hedican

Literacy Award

The Literacy Award recognizes special contributions of an individual or group that has made an outstanding contribution towards promoting in areas including literacy, language, multiculturalism and community issues in Fort St. John.  The award covers a wide spectrum of the field, including family, health, workplace and community.

2018 Recipient: Kim Boettcher
2018 Nominees: Irene Gut, Kim Boettcher, Mona Khanbabaei, Matt Preprost, Karen Sutherland, Teachers of Dr. Kearney

Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award recognizes an individual or a group of volunteers whose actions, commitment, volunteer leadership, service and community spirit have made a difference in the lives of those in the community. It recognizes initiatives that serve to promote awareness of accessibility in the community, outstanding contribution towards promoting or facilitating resource reduction, or demonstrate a genuine commitment to providing a better future for the lives of our residents.

2018 Recipient: North Peace Sr. Housing Society
2018 Nominees: Trevor Bolin, North Peace Pride Society, Amanda Trotter, Alan Yu, Tina Neufeld, MCC Thrift Shop, Allyson Sperling, Natalie Braun, Women’s Resource Society, Russell Eggleston, Brenda Baumeister, 100 Women Who Care, North Peace Sr. Housing Society, Steve Brousson, Jen Pimm, On our Way Home, Esther Haab, Fillanthropy Movement, Edwina Nearhood, Elizabeth Calder, Tami Peters, Gord Sandhu, Laurie Cardinal, Brian Baldry, Troy Henderson, Bob Corbett, Bonnie Isenberg, Roxanne Chmelyk

Youth Award

The Youth an individual under the age of 19 who has made a positive contribution to the community on a volunteer basis such as developing a project, serving on a committee and/or other volunteer work with organizations and groups.  Youth in this category may display outstanding qualities, provide leadership, support their peers, overcome challenges and/or contribute to their community in a meaningful way.

2018 Recipient: Hunter Faminow
2018 Nominees: Emma Lavigne, Jaycee Bird, Trinity Douglas, Mohammed Faisal, Desirae Wiebe, Landon Tolsma, Hunter Faminow 

Lifetime Acheivement Award

The Lifetime Achievement awards recognizes an individual’s remarkable contribution and dedication to the community. Their contributions have improved the quality of life for citizens or brought positive recognition to Fort St. John.

2019: New Award 

Mayor’s Citizen of the Year

The Mayor’s Citizen of the Year Award recognizes an individual that has achieved positive notoriety outside our community for their actions, is recognized as leaders or role models by their peers, or has won international, national, or provincial titles or awards for their efforts. The recipient acts as an ambassador for our community and has recognized Fort St. John as their home and the community where they built and honed their skills and abilities.

2018 Recipient: Adam Reaburn
2018 Nominees: Steven Cooper, Alan Yu, Adam Reaburn, Ella Fraser

Sponsorship Opportunities

If your company and/or organization would like to become a sponsor for the Community Awards held annually please download the Sponsorship Package. [PDF - 223 KB]