Facilities, Buildings & Parks

  1. Centennial Park Festival Plaza

    Start Date: Spring 2019

    End Date: Winter 2020

    Budget: $3.27 million

    Project Description: This project will construct a flexible and adaptable structure where the community can go to enjoy arts and culture, public events, and community events while having surety around weather and amenities.

    Project Status: Completed

  2. Kin Park Upgrades - Phase 1

    Start Date: Spring 2021

    End Date: Fall 2021

    Budget: $3.88 million

    Project Description: Phase 1 includes upgrades to the west side of Kin Park including the outdoor rink and parking lot.

    Project Status: Under construction

  3. North Peace Arena - Exterior Upgrades

    Start Date: Summer 2020

    End Date: Winter 2021

    Budget: $1.09 million

    Project Description: Exterior upgrades including new metal exterior cladding and doors for the North Peace Arena.

    Project Status: Construction halted

  4. North Peace Arena - Roof Truss Repairs

    Start Date: Summer 2021

    End Date: Fall 2021

    Budget: $1.08 million

    Project Description: Correcting roof alignment issues that were discovered in 2020.

    Project Status: Under construction

  5. RCMP Detachment

    Start Date: Spring 2020

    End Date: Early 2022

    Budget: $51.4 million

    Project Description: The new Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment, being constructed just north of the current detachment, will house both municipal and provincial funded RCMP units and support staff. The Net-Zero Ready, 3-storey building will utilize BC-sourced Nail Laminated Timber, and allows the City to showcase our commitment to energy conservation and innovative building practices.

    Project Status: Under construction