Reclaimed Water Facility

In 2016, the City received a $5 million grant from the federal Gas Tax Fund towards the construction of the $9.5 million Water Recovery Facility, which also included the construction of a new screening facility and distribution kiosk. The Facility takes effluent that has already gone through the City’s treatment process and further treats it through a series of filters and screens before it is chlorinated and available for industrial and agricultural uses. 

Regulated by the BC Municipal Wastewater Regulation, the Facility is capable of producing over 4,500 cubic metres per day (or roughly enough water to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools). 

Uses for reclaimed water, include:

  • Hydraulic fracturing and well development
  • Pipeline hydro testing
  • Equipment washing
  • Dust suppression and soil compaction
  • Firefighting
  • Making concrete or aggregate washing
  • Make-down water for chemicals
  • Sanitary sewer flushing

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