Station, Fleet & Apparatus


The Fort St John Fire Station #1 was completed in 2014 and is a 20,000 square foot, 2-story building. The station has a total of 4 drive-through bays with room for eight fire apparatus. The station also includes dorms to accommodate up to 10 firefighters. The station was built with the growth of Fort St John in mind while incorporating energy-efficient designs like geothermal heating. Additionally, the station has a four-storey training tower and a classroom that doubles as the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). In addition to Fire Station #1, the City's Fire Training Centre allows for firefighters to train their skills locally.


Fire Engine 1

  • Primary response apparatus
  • Used to extinguish fires, perform rescues, and provide medical aid

Fire Engine 2

  • Secondary response apparatus
  • Used to extinguish fires and provide medical aid

1 Aerial Ladder (100’ platform)

  • Used to perform elevated rescues, technical rescues, and for applying large amounts of water overhead 
  • Can deliver 1750gpm of water and has two monitor nozzles

Rescue 1

  • Equipped with specialized equipment with a primary focus of getting people out of Motor Vehicle Incidents (MVI)
  • Uses a combination of hydraulic, pneumatic, gas powered, and electric rescue tools the department is well equipped to extricate people from MVI, Industrial, and Farm equipment incidents
  • Equipped with a supply of spare air cylinders and a compressor to assist with air management at an incident

Tender 1

  • Can carry 2500gpm of water onboard and can quickly offload the water into a portable water tank for shuttling water to incidents where there are no hydrants available
  • Equipped with a large fire pump which allows the department to use it as an Engine at large fires where hydrants are available

Brush 1

  • 4 wheel drive apparatus equipped to handle wildland fires, off-road incidents
  • Can be utilized in winter months as a secondary rescue unit

Hazmat Trailer

  • Contains equipment, and protective suits for responses to hazardous materials incidents in the City of Fort St John
  • Address the need for specialized equipment to deal with the detection and identification of hazardous materials, spill containment, and decontamination as the City of Fort St John is an Industrial and Transportation Hub for the Oil and Gas Industry in Northern BC

Support Vehicles

  • 5 support vehicles for incident responses, admin duties, training support, and fire prevention activities