Passive House Project

The Passive House serves as an example of the important role that municipalities can play in introducing new ways of building and new technologies that highlight energy conservation.

As the Energetic City, Fort St. John recognizes that an excellent source of energy is conservation. As an experiment on what can be accomplished in energy conservation – even in the north - the City embarked on a project to prove that homes here can be built to a high level of energy efficiency.

At the time of completion of the house it was only the third certified single family passive house built in Canada.


  • Over the past several years, the City of Fort St. John has made it a priority to conserve water and energy, and ultimately reduce both costs and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from its corporate operations and at the community level.
  • The City has also adopted a community wide GHG reduction target of 12% below 2007 levels by 2030 and continues to maintain a carbon neutral status in its corporate operations.

  • The City has worked to become an environmental leader in the Peace River region through the use of pervasive sustainable and environmental best practices. The approach is to prioritize conservation as one of the easiest and best sources of energy.


  • Canadian Green Building Award - Regional Winner - 2016
  • Northern BC Commercial Building ‘Green Award’- 2016
  • North Central Local Government Association Environmental Sustainability Award - 2016
  • Canadian Wood Council community Recognition Merit Award 2016
  • Union of BC Municipalities community Excellence in Leadership and Innovation Honorable Mention 2016