Artist in Residence

The City's Artist In Residence Pilot Program was created for 2022 as a way to enrich the community through various art forms, community workshops, engagement with various community builders, and other initiatives.

The pilot program has supported and collaborated on many initiatives within the community since it began in early 2022, such as:

  • Pop up Art Galleries in partnership with Peace Studio North
  • Pop up Chalk Art and public engagement at the Pomeroy Sport Centre (Artist: Richard Bell)
  • Community Mural and public engagement for Music in the Park (Artist: Indigo Hamer)
  • Community Builder Engagement Sessions for the Community Arts and Culture Framework (Artists: Richard Bell, Indigo Hamer)
  • Community Doodle Board at various community events (Artist: Richard Bell)

Through the fall and winter, the Artist in Residence Pilot Program will be partnering with the Indigenous Artists' Market to bring unique and engaging programming to the community, including youth / young adult skateboard and electric guitar design classes and Indigenous-led creative opportunities for all ages. Further, the community-favourite doodle board will be popping up in various locations for the public to enjoy.

Artist Biographies

Richard Bell

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Richard relocated to Fort St. John in 2020 with his wife for her career. Richard studied illustration and graphic design at the Alberta University of the Arts in the early 2000s. He has spent the past 15 years working on a wide range of projects, from event pageantry with Hockey Canada for national tournaments, to game and character design for many video games.

More recently, Richard’s focus has shifted to portraiture, street art aesthetics and finding ways to use his artwork to interact with the local community. Richard’s passion for community connection and resiliency through the arts is integrated into everything he does.

For more of Richard’s work, or to enquire about commissions, you can visit his website at

Indigo Hamer

Indigo is a Montreal-based multimedia artist working with inks, paints and digital mediums. He began drawing at a young age as a way of bringing to life the characters and worlds that exist in his mind.

Indigo learned most of what he knows from books, online courses, and workshops, but attended the Illustration Program at Dawson College from 2020 - 2022. 

During this time, Indigo also kept himself occupied with several professional projects. He has worked for Montreal companies such as Plateau Astro and JLR Maps and, more recently, through the Artist in Residence - Pilot Program with the City of Fort St. John. 

Indigo’s work displays the explorative and energetic perspective of a young artist.