City partners with Recycle BC

June 1, 2022

Beginning July 1, 2022, the City of Fort St. John will be joining Recycle BC’s curbside recycling program. Recycle BC works in partnership with over 175 local governments across the province, like Fort St. John, and other organizations, to ensure recycling, such as packaging and paper, is collected, sorted and responsibly recycled.

While there are no changes to recycling curbside, the new program provides the City with incentives to continue to collect recycling material, including packaging and paper from residents. However, contamination levels need to be at three percent or less to ensure the collected materials can be responsibly recycled.

It is crucial that residents only put materials accepted for recycling curbside in their recycling bin for collection. Non-recyclables, such as garbage or organics, need to be disposed of correctly in garbage carts; and glass, foam packaging, plastic bags and overwrap should be taken to the depot for recycling.

Remember, sort it out! Overall, Fort St. John residents are pretty good at keeping contamination, or materials that don’t go in recycling carts, low, but it does take effort to get it right. There are a variety of resources on the City of Fort St. John’s website at or the Waste Wise app, available for iOS and Android devices, to learn more about what goes where and how to ensure they’re sorting their recycling correctly.

About Recycle BC:
Recycle BC is a not-for-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling throughout British Columbia. Recycle BC ensures packaging and paper is collected from households and recycling depots, sorted and responsibly recycled and managed. The Recycle BC program is funded by businesses, like retailers, manufacturers and restaurants, that supply packaging and paper to BC residents, shifting recycling costs away from homeowners.


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