Employment Program for People with Disabilities

The City of Fort St. John strives to be an equal opportunity employer who believes in a diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects our community. As such, the City has committed to creating an employment program that specifically provides placement opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Through the Human Resources Department, the City may partner with local community organizations, such as the Fort St. John Association for Community Living, with specialized employment services to hire and place individuals with disabilities into roles in the organization based on availability and resources.

The goal of the program is to find meaningful work for individuals and customize their employment around both their individual strengths and capabilities with the operational needs of a work area. Processes and duties will be modified for the individual. The result is an inclusive and supportive work environment.

There are three ways a job placement is initiated:

  • A manager contacts Human Resources to express an interest to employ an individual with a developmental disability;
  • A community organization that focuses on helping people with developmental disabilities contacts Human Resources;
  • Human Resources proactively researches different City departments to see where a person with a developmental disability could be placed.