The City of Fort St. John currently maintains two cemeteries: The Fort St. John Cemetery, located on 100th Avenue (est. 1931) and the Woodlawn Cemetery just north of the City (est.1978). Both cemeteries feature columbariums, and reservations are available. Plots are only available in the Woodlawn cemetery.

The cemeteries are open to the public from 7 am to 8 pm seven days a week. Interment is permitted between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. An additional fee will be charged for burial after 4 pm or on a Saturday, Sunday, or statutory holiday.

Burial Arrangements

Burial arrangements may be made with a funeral home or with the City. You must obtain all the appropriate permits and pay all fees before interment may take place. To apply for a permit, you must supply the name, age, date of death, a certificate of registration of death (indicating whether the death was caused by a communicable disease), and the time and date of the funeral.

Additionally, you can ensure your wishes will be honoured and your family is not burdened during a difficult time by pre-planning your interment.

Cemetery plot purchases and reservations may be made by contacting Cemetery Administration at 250-787-8162 or by email.


A memorial is a monument, tablet, plaque, pillow or flat memorial, headstone, or other marker that is used to permanently memorialize a deceased person. The Cemetery Regulation and Maintenance Bylaw [PDF - 7 MB], includes information on permitted materials and sizes for memorials. Please ensure your memorial meets these requirements by contacting Cemetery Administration at 250-787-8162 or by email.

Minimal Memorial Program

The Minimal Memorial Program provides a permanent marker at less cost than purchasing a typical headstone. The program includes a granite flush mount memorial tablet, name plate, and a flush mount vase. Minimal memorials are also available for existing plots with temporary markers or unmarked graves.  


Ornamentation items are the temporary keepsakes used to adorn a plot. The Cemetery Regulation and Maintenance Bylaw [PDF - 7 MB] allows for cut and artificial flowers, wreaths and floral offerings to be placed within the perimeter of the grave marker, headstone or flush-mounted memorial stone. All other ornamentations including toys, solar lights, candles, rocks, fences, or ornaments are prohibited and will be removed and stored for pick up at the outdoor shelving at the Woodlawn Cemetery.