Special Event Permits

Planning a special event on municipal property?

There are many events, festivals, celebrations, games and gatherings in Fort St. John that are classified as special events. Any event or activity occurring on municipal property (green spaces, parks, streets, sidewalks and parking lots) will need to submit a permit application.  Permit applications should be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event. 

An application is required if: 
It is a pre-planned one time, annual or infrequent event occurring activity; or Involves the use of or has impact on public property, facilities, parks, sidewalks, streets, parking lots owned or controlled by the City of Fort St. John

These include, but are not limited to:
Bicycle/foot races, sidewalk sales, parades, weddings, celebrations, family reunions, fundraisers, open air concerts, and car Shows.

Special Event Permit Process

Interested in hosting an event?

  1. Fill out a Special Event Permit Application Form.
  2. Complete form and send via email to the reservations@fortstjohn.ca or drop off at the Pomeroy Sport Centre, including the following documentation:
  • Copy of insurance: City has to be named as an additional insured. If you don’t have one, you are more than welcome to get a quote thought the City form our third-party agent.  (This has an additional cost).
  • Emergency Response plan: A written document stating what to do in case of emergency (injury, missing child, first aid, evacuation etc)
  • COVID-19 Plan: A written document with the steps that will be followed in order to comply with the Provincial Health Order. For more information, you can find the gatherings and events order here:
  • Contact information sign-in sheet for event attendees.
  • Site map:  Need maps? Visit our website to download the most current maps.

     3. The Facilities Allocation Clerk will contact you via email or phone in 48 business hours to further discuss your event.

     4. Pay the Special Event Fee $33.00

     5. Once details and approvals are finalized you will receive a letter from the City of Fort St John via email.