Hot Tub to permanently close after repairs unsuccessful

June 28, 2023

Due to unsuccessful repair attempts, the hot tub at the North Peace Leisure Pool will be permanently closed. Over the past several months, staff and specialized contractors have diligently investigated and addressed multiple pipe breaks within the pool deck concrete. However, despite these efforts, it has become apparent that the hot tub cannot be restored to a functioning state.

The repair process faced several significant challenges, including the absence of accurate as-built drawings and the encasement of piping in concrete. Further, the specific piping materials used during construction have degraded due to the combination of heat and chemicals necessary for the safe operation of the hot tub.

"We understand the frustrations associated with the permanent closure of the hot tub, but further repairs are not feasible. Despite the challenges posed by an aging facility, our dedicated team will continue working diligently to ensure its usability until a suitable replacement is built," acknowledged Trevor Bolin, Chair of the North Peace Leisure Pool Commission and the North Peace Leisure Facility Replacement Steering Committee. "The North Peace Leisure Facility Replacement Steering Committee remains committed to developing a plan for a new facility in the near future.”

The North Peace Leisure Facility Replacement Steering Committee continues to actively work on completing the feasibility study that identifies the best opportunities to replace the aging North Peace Leisure Pool.

The completed feasibility study will include recommendations on a wide variety of topics, including what features could be included in the building, estimated construction cost, proposed location, and the business case for a new facility, including some of the operating costs and revenue projections.

No final decisions on project scope or other major considerations have been made at this point. If a decision is made to move forward with a project, voters would have to approve any borrowing required to build the new facility through a referendum.

To learn more about the planning process for the project and the community input to date, visit:

Photos were taken June 24 during the closure of the North Peace Leisure Pool for hot tub repairs.

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