FSJ Community Garden sprouts new partners

June 5, 2023

As a result of the Let’s Talk FSJ Community Gardens community engagement process, we are happy to announce that the North Peace Horticultural Society in partnership with the Catholic Church will be renting garden plots to residents for the 2023 gardening season.

“It warms my heart that the Community Gardens will be able to continue for the 2023 gardening season. Hopefully, with support from the community, we will have a community garden for years to come,” stated Mayor Hansen.

Gardeners new and old, and anyone interested in helping, are invited to a clean-up day on Sunday, June 11 from 1-5pm. The FSJ Community Garden includes raised garden beds that are privately rented as well as other garden beds and perennial gardens for anyone in the community to harvest from. Garden volunteers are encouraged to bring their extra vegetable starts to the garden to fill the community beds.

“Our membership knows the importance of gardening and wanted to ensure the community does not lose the Community Gardens. We are excited to work together with the garden renters this season,” said North Peace Horticultural Society president Michele Jeffers.

“We’re happy to work with a new organization to keep the gardens going,” added Father Chris. “I wish them a successful gardening season.”

New and past gardeners are welcome to rent a garden plot through the following process:

Option 1: Email nphortsociety@gmail.com and indicate how many boxes you want to rent and your previous box numbers (if you gardened in 2022). The Horticultural Society will respond with payment instructions. The rental fee for a garden box will be $30 for the first box and $15 each for additional boxes. A Horticultural Society membership fee of $10 will also be required unless the renter is already a member.

Option 2: Attend the garden clean-up event on June 11 and pay cash for the rental fee.

Knowledge of who rented specific garden plots has been lost in this transition to a new organization, so renters may not get the garden box they had in 2022, however efforts will be made to match renters with their old plots.

City staff will continue to support the Community Garden initiative throughout the 2023 season. 

Watch the facebook.com/FSJCommunityGardens page for updates about the garden.


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