The High on Ice Winter Festival goes this weekend!

February 17, 2022

The 2022 High on Ice Winter Festival is coming up this weekend. The event will be based out of Centennial Park and will run throughout the Family Day long weekend from February 18 - 21.

Despite challenges with warm temperatures over the past week and expected this week, the all-Canadian Carving team has amended plans to keep ice sculptures viewable at the MNP Drive-Thru.

As larger sculptures are harder to preserve over consecutive days of poor weather, attendees can expect to see a fewer number of large carvings, but with a variety of smaller sculptures rotated through the display throughout the weekend.

Based on the amended Provincial Health Orders, the High on Ice Winter Festival MNP Drive-Thru remains a vehicle-only drive-thru to ensure our entire community can access the event without providing proof of vaccination.

As preparations continue for the event, Centennial Park remains closed to the public until the Winter Festival drive-thru opens at 4 pm on February 18.

Visit for all event details.


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