City reminds residents of Winter Road Maintenance activities

November 5, 2019

The City of Fort St. John would like to remind residents that Winter Road Maintenance activities have begun for the year.

Each year, the City clears over 350 lane kilometres of roads, including over 48 kilometres that are hauled away. Roads are split into four categories, with the first priority going to major thoroughfares and collector routes. The second priority is transit routes, then the downtown core area, and finally residential areas. The City also has four snow clearing levels that address levels of response based on snow accumulation amounts. Based on this, it may take some time for residential streets to be cleared.

For your safety, and the safety of our Snow Fighters, please keep your distance from equipment with their flashing lights activated. Also, when you see equipment removing snow, choose an alternative route.

Remember that on-street parking in residential areas makes snow clearing difficult, so if possible park off-street. In addition, on-street parking is limited to 24 continuous hours, if you are planning to be out of town, please arrange to have your vehicle parked in a safe location to avoid towing.

Our Snow Fighters use the boulevards, on both sides of the street, to store snow, and the parking or storage of trailers and other vehicles is not permitted in these areas.

The Public Access Snow Dump located at 9403 - 79 Avenue is now open and will remain open until ground conditions change. Additionally, this year there are two Public Sand Boxes, where salted winter sand is available for residential use, remember to bring your shovel and a bucket:
- Downtown Location - 10040 - 102 Street, across from the Lido
- Public Works Location - 10303 Cree Road, just west of the parking lot

While the City works to reduce the negative impacts that ice and snow may have on streets, sidewalks, and trails, we are a winter city and there is no practical way to eliminate these effects.

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Media Contact:
Ryan Harvey
Communications Coordinator