Organizational Teams

The City of Fort St. John is broken into three organizational teams, under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer.

The City of Fort St. John's organizational structure supports the community, and our Organization Chart [PDF - 206 KB] illustrates this structure, showing the relationships and ranks of positions within our organization.

CAO’s Office

The CAO’s Office serves Council directly and acts as the primary liaison between staff, the Mayor’s Office and City Council. The Office is also home to the City’s communications functions and is the link between the City and the RCMP Operations.


  • Executes policies and decisions of Council and directs and coordinates the activities of City departments
  • Assists Council in determining community priorities
  • Oversees a team of staff delivering the City services that support Council’s direction
  • Ensures the timely, transparent and accurate delivery of information

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) provide policing services for the City of Fort St. John as an external contractor working in partnership with the City. Through the RCMP’s Officer in Charge, the CAO’s Office provides the link between the City and the RCMP operations. The Post Detachment, which provides policing services to the North Peace area encompassing approximately 46,700 square kilometres, houses a combined 65 police officers from both municipal and provincial funded units responsible for responding to calls for service, community education and awareness programs, and investigations.

Operations Team

The Operations Team, split into four functions and led by the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, is responsible for the safe and efficient delivery of citizen services throughout the community.

This team provides community protective services such as police, fire, emergency management, and bylaw services, maintains the City’s transportation network, ensures the reliable delivery of clean water, and maintains the waste water collection system. Additionally, the Operations Team encourages a healthy community by delivering affordable and accessible indoor and outdoor services and programs and building a sustainable city through community planning, development review, economic development and land use policy.


  • Provides the operational, technical, and logistical support required to operate our recreation facilities safely
  • Delivers community programming and special events
  • Oversees and maintains the Fort St. John Visitor Centre, providing valuable information and assistance to both local and out-of-town visitors
  • Manages business licensing and the permitting process for land use and development within the City
  • Reviews and inspects new development and construction projects
  • Manages most major City capital projects
  • Maintains and repairs the City transportation network, including street sweeping, snow removal, pothole repair and traffic signals
  • Manages transit and solid waste collection contracts
  • Distributes safe drinking water and maintains the storm water and waste water collection systems following all federal and provincial regulations
  • Facilitates business development
  • Acquires land for community needs
  • Addresses community sustainability and growth opportunities
  • Provides community education on public safety, emergency preparedness and City bylaws
  • Investigates and enforces bylaw regulations to ensure community standards are maintained
  • Emergency response, including fire suppression, road rescue, medical response, and technical rescues
  • Conducts fire inspection and fire investigation services
  • Provides administrative and clerical support, including information technology, guards, record keeping, and front counter services to the Fort St. John RCMP Detachment 
  • Plans for emergencies such as wildfires and other natural disasters and administer Emergency Support Services as required

Financial Team

Led by the Chief Financial Officer, the Financial Team supports the City of Fort St. John’s vision and strategic goals through direction and leadership in administrative and financial matters. This includes the financial reporting and budgeting for the City, legislative and legal requirements, information technology services, and as the link between Council and City citizens.


  • Leads the City’s financial management processes, including the corporate budgeting process
  • Accounts for, maintains, and administers financial services such as municipal taxes, utility invoicing, and payables and receivables
  • Provides leadership and direction on the City’s asset management program
  • Develops and implements financial policies to ensure the efficient and effective purchasing of goods and services following all required legislation
  • Maintains and improves the City’s information technology infrastructure
  • Supports client workstations and application use
  • Encourages innovation and operational excellence by providing leadership, expertise and assistance in Information Technology and Information Systems
  • Provides legislative and administrative support to Council by preparing agendas, minutes, and meeting follow-up
  • Ensures all legislative and legal requirements are adhered to
  • Manages corporate records and the freedom of information process

People Team

The People Team, led by the Chief Human Resources Officer, provides strategic human resource solutions to various issues such as recruitment and retention, strengthening our safety culture, developing succession plans, and building on the organization’s culture.


  • Efficient and reliable delivery of compensation, pension, and benefit programs
  • Provides expert advice regarding staffing requirements and budgets, performance management, and disciplinary and grievance processes
  • Administers compensation surveys and manage the ability management program
  • Oversees the employee recruitment process
  • Implements and administers the collective agreements
  • Manages the robust, award-winning City of Fort St. John Learning and Development Program
  • Ensures the City provides a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, contract workers, and visitors
  • Delivers health and safety related training and safety management systems
  • Implements hazard identification and accident prevention processes
  • Ensures compliance and education of regulations and legislation
  • Supports the Joint Occupational Health and Safety committees