Emergency Program

Emergencies can happen anytime or anywhere, causing injury, death, destruction and hardship for the residents of the affected community. The City of Fort St. John is committed to ensuring it is prepared to provide a coordinated response to any emergency within the community quickly and effectively in order to save lives, reduce suffering and protect property.

The City of Fort St John Emergency Measures Bylaw 1751 sets the framework for the City’s emergency program, including the creation of a trained Emergency Operations Centre management team, a functional Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) that would be the control centre in the event of an emergency or disaster, and a written emergency response plan.

The City Emergency Response Plan aligns with the BC Emergency Response Management System and has taken an all-hazards approach to managing risks in the community. Local emergency services, industry and government work with the City of Fort St. John to coordinate activities, conduct exercises and consult on improvements to the plan.