Bylaw Services

Our Bylaw Services team work with citizens in the residential and business communities to ensure Fort St. John community standards are maintained at a high level by:

  • Investigating bylaw complaints
  • Enforcing bylaw regulations and standards
  • Achieving resolutions to bylaw infractions through voluntary compliance or enforcement
  • Providing public education
  • Serving the needs of the community, proactively enforces safety-related bylaws, while others are enforced on a complaint-only basis.

Common complaints include:

  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Parking
  • Unsightly Premises
  • Garbage Cart Offenses
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal
  • Noise
  • Zoning
  • Animal Control & Licensing

Reporting a Bylaw Infraction

When reporting an infraction, providing as much information as possible is helpful. If the concern relates to a private property providing the address is essential.

The Bylaw Services team investigates complaints on private and City-owned land, aiming first for compliance and education over enforcement actions. Responses to bylaw issues are driven by complaints – our officers don’t patrol the streets looking for violations.

If you would like to report a Bylaw infraction, please contact Bylaw Services by calling 250-787-8150 or complete the Report a Problem form.

Information submitted in a complaint is kept confidential and will not be disclosed unless required by law. In the event an investigation results in court proceedings, the City may be legally required to disclose the complainant's information. Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.