2017 Masters' Speed Skating

2017 World Masters All-Round Speed Skating Games were held at the Pomeroy Sport Centre between March 10 and 12, 2017.

This event was hosted by the Fort St. John Elks Speed Skating Club along with support from the City of Fort St. John. This event saw approximately 100 masters' level speed skaters from eight countries including Canada, the United States, Australia, Romania, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands.

“Hosting the World Masters Games will not only be the largest, it will also be the first ever international skating event we have organized. We have always enjoyed tremendous support from the City of Fort St. John, individuals and businesses in the community as well as the provincial and national speed skating organizations,” commented Dee-Ann Stickel, chair of the 2017 Games Organizing Committee. ”We are looking forward to this opportunity to showcase the Community, the Pomeroy Sport Centre, the Club and the sport of speed skating.”