Sport Celebration Wall

The City understands that recreation facilities are more than places to go to learn new sports and physical skills, they are often the heart of a community where family and friends gather, and where the skills needed to become contributing citizens to a community are fostered.  The many trophies and banners located throughout our recreation facilities mark important milestones and help us to celebrate ourselves and our successes.  The City is committed to being part of this celebration, and to continuing to share the stories that go along with them.

Recognizing there is limited space, City staff began to work with top-notch consultants in the fall of 2011 to assist in taking the idea to reality.  Further supported by local volunteers and partners through a Sport Celebration Committee in early 2012, the overall Project began to take shape.  This exciting project integrates innovative technology with traditional media to honour the athletes, coaches and sport builders that have represented Fort St. John on the world stage.  It marks the rich sport history of the area and recognizes the achievements of local athletes.  And best of all, it welcomes our community into the building through a visual commemoration of our spirit.  It is truly a lasting legacy of our Energetic City.

The vision for the Pomeroy Sport Centre cannot be supported by local taxation alone. Through a creative partnership structure that balances philanthropy and community-based marketing objectives, the City works to ensure new programs are sustainable and that we can grow our athletes and develop our programs through time.  Surerus Pipeline Inc. is a proud Founding Partner in the Pomeroy Sport Centre’s sponsorship program and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the Sport Celebration Project.