Regional Leaders Statement

October 27, 2021

On October 15, 6 First Nation Chiefs and 7 Mayors in the Treaty 8 region of BC (McLeod Lake/Mackenzie to Fort Nelson) met together for the first time to initiate discussions to work towards reconciliation at a community level. Although this inaugural meeting was virtual, it was obvious that there are opportunities to learn together, partner, and ensure all our residents have access to the basics of life. Action is needed in reconciliation and the communities agreed that this is a momentous first step.


Chief Sharleen Gale - Fort Nelson First Nation
“Fort Nelson First Nation looks forward to strengthening our relationships with our Neighbors and those that live in the Treaty 8 Territory. It is a great opportunity to work together, collaborate, find solutions to reconcile past differences, build powerful relationships based on mutual respect, understanding and to share a common vision for our future while celebrating our diverse languages and cultures.”

Chief Roland Willson - West Moberly First Nations
“We all live together in the Northeast BC. We share in hardships, challenges, accomplishments and successes. WMFN’s strives to be good neighbours, we may not always agree but should take the time to understand and accept each other. It only makes sense to understand and support each other where and when we can!”

Mayor Rob Fraser - District of Taylor
“Meaningful reconciliation can be achieved at the local level. Working closely with all our neighbours to understand and embrace our differences will make all of our communities stronger. Congratulations to all on a great start.”

Mayor Gary Foster - Northern Rockies Regional Municipality
“We look forward to working with all first nations communities in our region to build a brighter future for the people we represent. By listening, learning and taking meaningful action on reconciliation we will begin to build that brighter future together.”

Mayor Joan Atkinson - District of Mackenzie
“The opportunity to participate in the inaugural meeting of First Nation Chiefs and Mayors in Northeastern BC was both a privilege and exciting opportunity. There are many challenges before us but this important first step provided the platform to build relationships and trust as we all work toward reconciliation.”

Mayor Dale Bumstead - City of Dawson Creek
“The opportunity at building a leaders table of indigenous and non-indigenous leadership is very exciting. The pathway for the future is built upon communication and that will lead us into the very critical work for reconciliation with our neighbours. I am honoured to be a part of this historic first step.”

Mayor Lori Ackerman - City of Fort St. John
“We live together in a nation that must acknowledge its past and work towards reconciliation. True reconciliation means action and communities can and must work together to resolve issues so that our grandchildren’s grandchildren don’t inherit this mess; today was a beautiful start.”