City officially unveils two new facilities

July 28, 2021

Today, Council officially unveiled two new facilities that provide enhanced local emergency training opportunities and further our commitment to environmental sustainability.

First, the Water Recovery Facility is now operational and producing reclaimed water for industrial and agricultural uses. This $9.5 million facility, supported by a $5 million grant from the federal Gas Tax Fund, can produce over 4,500 cubic metres (or roughly two Olympic-sized swimming pools) of reclaimed water per day. The facility takes effluent that has already been processed through the City’s sewer treatment process and further treats it through a series of filters and screens before being chlorinated. In addition, the facility improves the effluent that is discharged to the Peace River.

Second, the Fire Training Centre features a three-story Burn Building, with burn rooms on the main and second floors, and allows firefighters from across the region an opportunity to maintain and enhance their necessary emergency response skills locally. The $1.6 million Fire Training Centre provides hands-on, live training and skills maintenance.

Industrial or commercial users looking to use reclaimed water for their activities are encouraged to visit or call 250-787-8150 for additional information or to set up their reclaimed water account.

Backgrounder - Water Recovery Facility [PDF - 171 KB]
Backgrounder - Fire Training Centre [PDF - 170 KB]


Media Contact
Ryan Harvey
Communications Coordinator