Invite Council

The City of Fort St. John is happy to assist you invite a member of Council to attend an event or to request a congratulatory letter or city pins. 

Inviting a Member of Council

If you would like to invite the Mayor and/or a Councillor to your event, please provide a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice and put your request in writing by filling in the Invite Mayor & Council Form [PDF - 352 KB].

In your request, please provide as much detail as possible. Also be sure to indicate the requested role for the Mayor and/or Councillor (i.e. speaking presentation, ribbon cutting, attendance only).

Completed forms can be emailed to the Executive Assistant, faxed to 250-787-8181, mailed or hand delivered to City Hall at 10631–100 Street, Fort St. John, BC, V1J 3Z5.

Once your request has been reviewed, we will contact you to confirm attendance or extend regrets.

*Please note: all requests are subject to the Mayor and/or Council's availability.

Requesting a Congratulatory Letter

The City will provide congratulatory letters to individuals in Fort St. John to commemorate significant anniversaries, birthdays, milestone occasions and other special honours. 

If you would like to request a letter, please contact the Executive Assistant and we will ensure that the celebrant receives a congratulatory message.

Requesting City Pins

If you or your charitable organization, agency or sports team would like to hand out city pins at an upcoming meeting, event or tournament, please put your request in writing and email Reception or contact us at 250-787-8150. 

Include in your request the name of your organization, the number of pins you're requesting and the event/purpose.  

*Please note: the City has a limited budget with respect to the supply of pins and requests are granted on a discretionary basis.