Integrated Services

Integrated service consists of two departments – Planning & Engineering and Public Works. Integrated Services also managers solid waste collection, transit and handDART services, and most major construction projects within the City.

Building Inspection

The Building Department promotes the health, safety and well being of the community by ensuring the Provincial Building Code and City bylaws related to buildings are followed.


The Engineering Department is responsible for the planning and designing of the City’s existing and proposed utility infrastructure including water distribution, sanitary sewer, storm drainage systems, roads, sidewalks, street lighting and traffic management.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing major capital construction works projects for City infrastructure
  • Review and approval of engineering for subdivision, building and development permits
  • Providing inspection and testing services during construction
  • Maintaining records and data of City infrastructure and utilities
  • Transportation planning


The GIS Department is responsible for maintaining and developing the City’s data resources pertaining to land parcels, utilities, zoning, parks, transportation and many other areas. The GIS Department also serves internal clients with GIS-based mapping, reporting, spatial data analysis, asset inventory and systems integration.


The Planning Department guides, regulates and makes recommendations regarding community growth and development in a manner that protects the environment, enhances the quality of life, promotes a complete community and involves the public in the decisions that affect them. Additionally, the department processes business licenses.


The Roads Department is responsible for maintaining city roads including:

  • Snow removal
  • Dust control and street sweeping
  • Pothole patching and road overlays
  • Traffic signals, street Lights, and signs
  • Drainage
  • Solid Waste management
  • Fleet management

Water & Sewer

Responsible for producing safe drinking water and distributing it throughout the city by operating and maintaining the water treatment and pumping facilities, two reservoirs, and the distribution system.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining two rural water dispensing stations
  • Operating and maintaining the wastewater collection system
  • Operation of three lift stations and two wastewater treatment systems
  • Ensuring that all federal and provincial regulations are met for the discharge of the treated effluent