Water Connection Requests

The City does not permit anyone other than a City employee to shut off the water at the curb stop. If you require work to be done on the water line between the water shut-off valve at the water meter, and the curb stop at the street, you will need to contact the City’s Utility Billing Department in advance to request a water turn-off.

Non-Emergency Water Turn-Off/Turn-On Requests

A non-emergency water turn-off and water turn-on is when the City responds within 72 hours (3 days) of your request. The cost is $45 for the water turn-off and $45 for the water turn-on.

Emergency Water Turn-Off/Turn-On Requests

If it is an emergency response, a $250 charge will be charged to your utility bill. This fee includes both a water turn-off and water turn-on.