Signs, Signals & Street Lights


We install and repair all regulatory signs. Stop signs and yield signs are repaired as soon as we receive notification of it being knocked down or damaged. All other signs are repaired as soon as possible.


The City is responsible for traffic signals within the city’s boundaries.

Traffic signals on the Alaska Highway are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation. They can be contacted with any concerns.

Street Lights

The City maintains all street lights within the city’s boundaries, with the exception of street lights on a wooden pole, which are the responsibility of BC Hydro.

In 2022, BC Hydro has begun replacing its street lights with LEDs, which will take several months. Learn more about this replacement on their website.

If you see a hazard on our roads, please use the Report a Problem tool on our website or the Waste Wise app to inform us of it.

New Signage or Traffic Signals

If you have any concerns you can contact the Planning and Engineering Department