100 Street Corridor - Phase 2

Start Date: Spring 2021

End Date: Fall 2021

Project Status:



Project Description:


The second phase of the 100 Street Corridor project includes the upgrading of the below and above-ground upgrades on 100 Street between 96 Avenue and 99 Avenue. 

Project Background:

Beneath 100 Street, the 80-year-old water, sanitary, and storm sewer pipes need replacement. On the surface, the entire roadway and sidewalks will be reconstructed to reflect a high-quality urban design to match the vision created in the 2019 100 Street Corridor Plan and design charrette.

You will see features such as:

  • Wider sidewalks to accommodate pedestrians and winter snow management
  • Boulevard trees with an automated irrigation system
  • New benches and furnishings
  • Decorative lighting which improves visibility, but also helps create a safer street
  • Left-hand turn lanes to make vehicle movements easier
  • Dedicated space for roadway snow storage

Visit the 100 Street Corridor Plan page for more information about the project.

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Contact Information:

Construction Inquiries: 
Jim Stewart, Manager of Engineering
250 787 8150

Business Support:
Jennifer Decker, Manager of Economic Development
250 787 8150