Outdoor Burning and Fireworks

Outdoor Burning

Backyard Fires

  • Outdoor fires are limited to backyard recreational fires and cooking purposes; that means fires must follow these criteria:
    • Fire is to be contained in a device or fixture designed for containing the fire.
    • The Fire Pit does not exceed 1 meter in diameter
    • Only clean dry wood, briquettes, charcoal or propane
    • Fire Pits are not located within 4.5 meters of any building or property line.
    • You can read more about the Fire Prevention Bylaw

Burning Permits

Burning Permits may be issued for an Open Burning fire, in the following cases:

  • by telephone for burning organic yard waste such as garden refuse, pruning and wood branches on lots that are one (1) acre in size or greater.
  • for stumps and land clearing materials if an air curtain burner is utilized 
  • for fires smaller than 3 meters wide and these fires must be fueled by hand-feeding only.
  • for special events

Open Burning fires cannot be greater than two (2) metres in height and three (3) metres wide unless an Air Curtain Burner or wood chipper is used. No burning of construction materials, pallets and debris or household garbage.


To ensure the safety of city residents and properties, selling or setting off fireworks aren't allowed within city limits. However, the City of Fort St. John organizes two public Fireworks displays on Canada Day and New Year's Eve.